Zombie Games in Online Casino

Zombie Games in Online Casino

The entertainment industry often uses the genre of demonic entities and monsters. It is rather popular in various online games. Fans of fantasy will appreciate the Zombie Moon slot machine from the Inbet online platform and the Zombie Slots video slot.

Zombie Moon

The slot machine is distinguished by animated images of the moving dead on the night city backdrop. All registered gamers who log in from PCs, smartphones, and tablets can play the game. You need to enter a valid phone number or email, come up with a unique password, and decide on the type of currency to register on the website.

The online machine has volatility, the value of which is not indicated by the manufacturer. The same situation is also with official RTP; no one knows the probability of winning. You need from $0.01 to $5,000 to make a contribution. The maximum possible win is 500:1. The allowable number of coins in one row is from 1 to 10. There is also an opportunity to play a bonus game with a doubling of the prize or an auto game. Players can choose the type of game at their request.


The field is divided into 15 zones, each of them depicts a symbol (letter, number, or object). The sound can be turned off by clicking on the special icon in the upper right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the field, there is an icon with the question «Help», which launches a menu with a description and basic rules. The next window shows the selected currency, rate, and account status. Nearby is a window in which you can see the available funds. There are two buttons to select the number of bets and lines on them on the right side. Next, there is an autorun, allowing you to trust fate: the program automatically makes a choice and sets the parameters depending on the number of funds in the account. The «Start» icon launches the drawn game.

The most profitable icon is the one with a hand. For five pictures, you can get a reward of 5000 coins, for 4–500, for 3–100. The second place in value is a medical bag. An ax, numbers, and any letters bring less profit. The blue head replaces all symbols, and the one that appears in the amount of 3 pieces on reels 1 and 5 gives 15 free games. The reels are frozen for this period. 5 zombie brushes on the same row bring you 5000 of the income.

It is possible to make the maximum choice of 10 lines in one round of the game. All of them pass through different cells and are not repeated. Free spins are provided as a bonus from the casino.

Among the main features of “Moon Zombies” it should be noted:

  1. Stacked symbols, or so-called «wild signs». They can fall out at any time and make up winning streaks consisting of a certain number of images – from 2 to 5.
  2. There are bonus rounds with appearing Sticky symbols. These values are held on the reels while they are spinning.
  3. Scatter symbol, the appearance of which all gamers are waiting for. Its advantage is to grant privileges based on the number of retries. These can be additional free spins, the number of which varies, or other options.


  1. The prize can only be received for the winning combination.
  2. The combination of characters is taken into account in the order from left to right.
  3. The draw includes a prize sequence chosen by gamers.
  4. With several bets, the gamer will get the largest amount.
  5. All prizes are provided in credits.
  6. The winnings will be canceled in case of a failure or malfunction.

Pros and Cons of the Slot Machine

Speaking about the advantages of the Internet machine, it should be noted:

  1. funny graphics;
  2. impressive free spins;
  3. appearing symbols and bonuses;
  4. convenient control.

There are only a few cons: the lack of a progressive jackpot and the fact that there is no opportunity to purchase a bonus level.

Zombie Slots

The video slot is made in an interesting style, with the addition of funny animations. The upper part of the screen contains information about the available money limit and a number of lines selected by the player. The playing field consists of 15 cells of 5 in three rows. It contains bright images:

  1. cross;
  2. scythe;
  3. urn;
  4. hand;
  5. wolf face;
  6. eye.

Game control

Below the main screen, there are control buttons:

  1. Coin Price — increase in value.
  2. Help — help, and information about the rules, characteristics, and ways to manage the slot.
  3. Max Bet — automatic placement of the largest bet.
  4. Bet — increase at stake in stages.
  5. Start — the start of the online round.
  6. Auto Play — launching autoplay.


Replenishment of the account receipt of the won bonuses is carried out in the original game currency (credits). Among the main features of the slot, the following should be highlighted:

  1. You can bet from 1 to 255 credits during a game round.
  2. You can bet up to 9 rows, as well as 25 per line.
  3. All prizes received in several rounds are summed up and immediately displayed in a special window.
  4. The total prize amount is divided equally between the active paylines.
  5. In case of any failure, loss of connection with the server, or malfunction, payments and accumulations are canceled.

Risk game

Any user has access to the risk game. It is a unique opportunity to increase your bet. You can withdraw earned credits at any time before the card is opened. Losing returns the player to the main menu. You must select one of the four closed images to try luck. The task is to choose a card whose value is greater than the dealer’s. The amount will be doubled only if this condition is met. If the card pointed to by the player is the same as the dealer's one, the score does not change. In the case of choosing a lower card, all the winnings are reset to zero.

Bonus Round

The bonus game is triggered if three or more keys appear on the reels in any position. The task is to find the skull or open the entire tomb. The game will end if you wake up the zombies during the round.

Zombie slots guarantee an exciting pastime. Bright graphics, animation, and unobtrusive music give an opportunity to escape from reality and plunge into the virtual world, as well as win nice bonuses. The mobile version does not differ from the standard one; it can be launched from any smartphone. The menu of both slots is intuitive; even a non-professional user will understand the rules of the game.